Wednesday, 8 June 2011

KCP Energy, how it all began and where we are now

 Gee Dad, why didn't you do anything about climate change if you thought it was real?

People often wonder why I started KCP Energy, after all, I had a reasonably good job and who in their right mind would start a business, especially a business they knew very little about? Well, it is a fairly easy answer, or at least it was at the time. I believed global warming (climate change we would now say) was occurring and in my present job I really wasn't doing anything about it. Around the same time I concluded we were messing up our planet our second daughter arrived. It didn't take long for me to envision a future time when my grown children would ask me why, if I believed global warming was occurring, did I choose to do nothing? And oh ya Dad - now your grandchildren are paying the price for your inaction. I found the image of that future conversation taking place around our kitchen table a powerful motivator and so KCP began. Of course it wasn't clear to me how it would work, in fact I wasn't even sure which of the renewable energy sources was the best product for my business. But after a lot of research and realizing we lived in a very sunny province I decided solar was the way to go, solar hot water specifically. In our fifth year now I still believe solar hot water and solar electricity are the way to go - we should all have solar panels of some sort on the roof of our houses. But I also know we aren't getting rid of fossil fuels tomorrow or even in the next several years so we need to look at ways of minimizing our use of fossil fuels while saving money and reducing emissions. And so now KCP Energy is more than just a solar company - we also provide high efficient fossil fuel solutions, often in conjunction with a solar solution. Because we need to generate clean emission free energy and we need to minimize the burning of fossil fuels.

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